4* Hajj Package (Reference: TTNTTLG4)


Package Includes:

  • Visa, return ticket, Hajj draft, Air-conditioned Accomodation and Transport.
  • In Makkah, 2* Burj al Sultan (full-Board) with 2 persons sharing a room, own bathroom.
  • In Madina, 4* Al Mukhtara International (half-Board) with 2 persons sharing room.
  • VIP European tents - includes full-Board and sofa beds during Hajj period in Mina & Arafa
  • Ziarat in Madina (Quba Masjid and Uhud mountain)
  • Qurbani (extra £85each)
  • Full ground transportation with Air-conditioned coaches
  • Free Ihram clothers for men and Hijab for women
  • English/Arabic/Somali speaking guides
  • Highly knowledgeable and Experienced Hajj Guides



Group Depart: 23rd August >> Return: 06th September


All Cheques made payable to: TIMES TRAVEL LTD

Provision Programme


Booking first come first serve basis subject to availability.


Note: Please read very carefully the above details for Hajj Package before making your choice and subsequent booking, once booked you will need to strictly be bounded by the program. “Hajj is not easy at all. The scale of complexities from earlier years through has gradually reduced; it is still not a luxury holiday or trip. We are amongst thousands of people and the authorities do a great job but we must expect some hick-ups and hurdles which are a part of the process and we need to be prepared for these eventualities and demonstrate patience as good Muslims to maximize the benefits of this lifetime pilgrim”. Your are asked to note that the company is not responsible for any changes, delay or flight cancellations caused by the Airline, or breakdown of buses or delaying in providing of the buses by Ministry of Hajj or Authority. Company is also not responsible for lost luggage or valuables during travelling or in the accommodation.

About Us

Our objective is to make your pilgrimage as comfy and gratifying as possible, fulfilling our promises and conduct all our dealings in an truthful and proficient manner.We work with approved Umrah agents authorised by the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia. So whether you want to perform Umrah or Hajj, we can make the necessary arrangements, InshaAllah.Taqwa Tours's philosophy is to sustain the uppermost values in personalized customer service. We are dedicated to continuing to be a valuable resource to our clients by delivering convenience, comfort and cost savings. We aim to provide clients with a personalized and professional experience.We will not compromise when it comes to the well being of the Pilgrims, and we shall continue to fulfill our devotion to this role as a service provider to the guests of the two Holy Mosques. Leave the planning and logistics, leaving you to focus on your Pilgrimage and Worship.Our committed British team along with our highly experienced Saudi partners looks forward to serving you on your journey of a lifetime.

Sahih Bukhari

Volume 2, Book 26, Number 593:

'Aisha said, "O Allah's Apostle! You performed 'Umra but I did not." He said,"O 'Abdur-Rahman! Go along with your sister and let her perform 'Umra from Tan'im" 'Abdur-Rahman made her ride over the pack-saddle of a she-camel and she performed 'Umra.